Veterinary Personal and Industry Consulting


Fritz Wood is well-known globally as a business and financial consultant to the veterinary industry. He provides training and consulting services to help veterinary students, practicing veterinarians, and industry suppliers succeed.


You will often find Fritz teaching at colleges of veterinary medicine, as well as national, regional, state and local veterinary meetings. He is also frequently engaged by manufacturers and distributors to deliver key messages to veterinary audiences that:


  1. Improve pet health
  2. Improve client service
  3. Deliver bottom-line results in the practice



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What Fritz can share with your practice


  • Attributes of very high-performing veterinary practices
  • 'Best Practices' in laboratory, imaging, parasite prevention, and pet nutrition
  • Sales force training (manufacturers and distributors)
  • Statistics regarding veterinary business, finances, and operation
  • Tactics to defend and grow the veterinary pharmacy
  • Tips to grow compliance/adherence
  • Inventory management systems to increase turnover, mitigate on-hand inventory, shrinkage, obsolescence, and stock-outs
  • Systems of internal controls to discourage theft/embezzlement
  • Return on investment (ROI) calculations examining dental suites, in-house laboratories, digital radiography, laser surgery, laser therapy, boarding, grooming, day care, physical therapy/rehab, etc





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